GIVEN:                       Student will have access to all materials (Combination square, steel rule, tin snips, scribe,

                                    Center punch and sheet metal hammer).



YOU WILL:               Accurately measure, layout, cut and assemble sheet metal 90-degree duct.




HOW WELL:             Your performance will be accessed using the performance standards on pg. 4                                                                                                                                                         










1.      Review all sketches on job prior to fabricating.


2.      Ensure material is in stock (26 ga.)


3.      Cut all material to cut size.


4.      Run necessary edges in Pittsburg Seamer


5.      Assemble and check measurements and square.




Program                                                         Task


Metal Fabrication                                            1 - 10              

Sheet Metal







Text Box: 1-10


Text Box: L


Performance Test                                                                



                                                                                     Duty                      Task




Directions Given:     Given access to all the tools, equipment and previous instruction, you will safely and accurately, layout cut and fabricate an 8” x 14” sheet metal 90-degree duct.






Performance Standards:                                                                                          Yes      No    




1.     Was the sketch or drawing reviewed prior to fabrication?                                                                    

2.     Was the proper size gauge material used (26 ga.)                              

3.     Was the cut size material accurate?                                                    

4.     Was the Layout accurate?                                                                         

5.     Were the Pittsburg Seams on the correct edges?                    

6.     Were the scribe and center punch marks accurate?                                        

7.     Were all three sections notched out correctly?                                                           

8.     Were the 90- degree brake bends accurate?                                                               

9.     Did the cheeks, throat and heel fit together?                                                                          

10. Was the final hammering of seams visually acceptable?                                                              



Program                                             Task 1 - 10


Metal Fabrication                                                                   

Sheet Metal















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PROGRAM                                                   METAL FABRICATION





DUTY                        L                     Layout and form a sheet metal 90-degree duct         



TASKS                          1-10                         




INTRODUCTION     In completing this task you will learn how to properly layout and fabricate a flat 90-degree elbow duct.







Program                              Duty                                                                Revised


Metal Fabrication                  Task No.         1 - 10                                       8-8-05

Sheet Metal












DUTY                                                      TASK LISTING      



L-01         Review sketches or Drawings (cheeks, heel and throat)


L-02         Gauge Material Needed


L-03         Gather all Material (scribe, Combination square, steel rule, tin         snips     , center punch and sheet metal hammer).


L-04            Cut raw material to cut size


L-05            Layout and scribe lines on cheeks


L-06            Layout and scribe lines on heel


L-07            Layout and scribe lines on throat


L-08            Cut all three sections on shear and tin snips


L-09            Run the heel through Pittsburg Seamer.


L-10            Assemble cheeks, heel and throat to make 90 degree elbow.