Solid Waste Management Assignment


Written by: James Digits, Geography Teacher

Beckwith Middle School

Extern: Department of Environmental Protection


Grade Level:

    Seventh grade--Social Studies/Earth Science




    Environmental Studies



    To make students a part of a solution rather than the problem to solid waste management



Over a one week period students are to record the type of solid waste they produce in their household and the quantity of that waste
type weight in pounds
glass ?
cans ?
paper ?
other ?

Each member of the class will have the same assignment.  At the end of the recording period students will be placed in groups of four.

Each group will then calculate the average household waste using figures from the entire class

Once done, each group can then calculate the total community waste (rough estimate) by projecting their figures to the number of total households in their community (number can be obtained from assessor's office).

These calculations should be by waste type and total waste.  Also, calculations should reflect both weekly and yearly figures.


Student Reflections

What happens when all this waste is deposited in landfills?  Consider space and leach ate.

How might the volume of waste be reduced?  At home?  At landfills?


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